3 Magic Multi-Use Must Haves

3 Magic Multi-Use Must Haves

Nov 5th 2019

3 Magic Multi-Use Must Haves

What is in your medicine cabinet, fellow Half Hippy? Think about it and have a good look at what sorts of products you use for beauty, health, and household uses. If they are filled with chemicals or aren’t au naturel or beneficial, we demand you chuck it! Ring in 2020 with the magic of coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and salt. These 3 cure-it-all basics are the perfect arsenal in your cabinet to take on any beauty and health treatment to the next natural threshold.

We are in love with the Co-Co

Coconut oil is literally magic in soluble form. It is a no brainer and no wonder it is one of the few included in the superfood groups. Coconut oil has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic practices for its healing properties for skin, dental, hair, brain, digestive, and immune support. With high healthy fatty acids and antifungal medicinal properties from caprylic, lauric, and medium chain triglycerides, coconut oil is a household essential. What excites us here at Half Hippy is that you can use coconut oil from your head to toe and to treat internal ailments by reducing your use of unnatural products and pharmaceutical drugs. We highly recommend unrefined, extra virgin, cold pressed, and organic coconut oil!

  • Moisturizing:we suggest applying all over your body after a shower
  • Skin conditions: heals acne, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis, rosacea, pigmentation, scars, and stretch marks
  • Hair: strengthens, conditions, and helps hair growth
  • Makeup remover: dab a little oil to remove eye and face makeup
  • Dental health:oil pulling cures tooth decay, treats gum infections, and whitens teeth
  • Cooking:lowers heart disease and cholesterol, substitute for butter in baking, high heat safe for frying and sauteeing
  • Digestion: aids gastrointestinal problems such as IBS, inflammation
  • Weight loss: triglycerides in the oil reduce abdominal and waist fat. Bye-bye muffin top!
  • Immune support: antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties kills fungus and bacteria
  • Yeast infections: antifungal properties fights candida on the spot!
  • Brain health:improves memory loss, depression, functionality, depression and ADHD

Miracles of ACV

Apple cider vinegar is an old folk remedy and we definitely believe in the ancient folks! ACV is another must-have that is an excellent replacement for beauty, health, and household products. This miracle little elixir is made of “mother” strands of proteins, enzymes, acetic acids, and happy bacteria. Make sure yours is raw and organic with the mother. A brand we like is Braggs.

  • Skincare: clears acne, natural deodorant, toner, and removes warts
  • Haircare: makes hair shiny, soft, and dandruff fre
  • Well Being: aides to support immunity and balance body’s pH level
  • Dental Health: whitens teeth
  • Digestion: antibiotic properties and happy bacteria help an upset tummy
  • Weight loss: diluted ACV is great to reduce belly fat
  • Diabetes: lowers blood sugar levels
  • Yeast infections: can be topically used when diluted, as a soak, or internally
  • Sinus/Cold:clears sinuses, sore throat, headaches, and congestion
  • Muscular: relieves muscle aches and joint discomfort
  • Household: odor neutralizer, replacement for cleaning products

Salt, Salt Baby!

Salt has been the victim of some exaggerated information. Contrary to the popular beliefs of high blood pressure dilemmas, ayurveda asserts that salt is a key element in maintaining the healthy functions in cardiovascular health, bone health, absorption of minerals, and even blood pressure. Plus, salt has many other uses for the all around the house. In ayurveda, it is one of the rare commodities that balances all doshas (take a quiz to find your dosha). We highly recommend unrefined raw himalayan salt, celtic salt, or sea salt for every optimum benefit. Regular iodized table salt, on the other hand, is harmful to us, stripped of beneficial minerals, and the cause of many ailments when taken internally. Save table salt for using around your home.

  • Cardiovascular: improves overall blood circulation
  • Skincare: as natural exfoliant
  • Digestive: maintains healthy pH balance and promotes absorption of nutrients and minerals
  • Dental: can substitute for toothpaste in an emergency
  • Sinus: as nasal drops/spray or neti pot to clean nasal passages
  • Dehydration: low sodium and high electrolytes
  • Blood pressure: maintains hypertension when mixed with water
  • Muscular: relaxes muscles and aids in sleep
  • First Aid: treats insect bites/stings, heals sore throat by inhibiting bacterial growth
  • Garden: fights growth of weeds, keep ants and other insects away, kills poison ivy
  • Kitchen: preserves food, cleans cast iron, prevents mold from growing on certain foods, extinguishes fire (bbq pit)
  • Home: cleans and disinfects surfaces, takes rust off of tools and equipment (mix with lemon into a paste)

Yes, all these benefits from 3 simple nature sources has to offer! This year, we challenge you to restock these 3 basics babies and watch how your inner hippy blossoms with nature’s remedies.


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